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ELLE México Resorts To a Drone Photographed Editorial in The Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the face of social distancing measures, Elle Mexico explores a new way of fashion image-making through drone photography.

“The world stopped, but we took flight”

We are living in an unprecedented time in which COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in every industry, including fashion. Now we find ourselves in an uncertain limbo between a pause and a pivot, trying to navigate travel restrictions and social distancing measures, while budgets, jobs and mental health take a nosedive.

However, if anything can push creativity to a remarkable extent is constraint. Now that doing a photoshoot with a physical camera set-up and crew is impossible, many photographers and magazines have resorted to shooting models over facetime and zoom calls. But Elle Mexico took it a step further resorting to drone technology for their May cover editorial.

In the confinement of her home in Guadalajara, Mexican top model Mariana Zaragoza posed for the (flying) lens of Santiago Arau, who carefully captured her from a distance. Mariana dressed herself (guided by the styling of Raúl Alvarez) and did her own hair and makeup.

“We believe that as media we cannot remain silent in the face of this situation, but we also know that we all want to be entertained. It’s up to us to turn it around. For this reason we wanted to make a cover that could preserve the essence of fashion while taking up the challenge of respecting the distance measures,” says Claudia Candano. Editor in Chief of Elle Mexico.

When you have less to work with, you begin to see the world differently and find other ways to accomplish the same goal. As we wonder if we really need to commute to an office on a daily basis, this begs the question, does the industry truly need so much fancy production and equipment to create something of quality and meaning?

Aun en medio de la contingencia era necesario seguir creando, alimentando lo que tanto nos apasiona: la moda. Y si algo nos ha enseñado esta industria es que todo es posible. Mariana Zaragoza posó a la distancia para el dron de Santiago Arau en algunos de los looks más memorables de la temporada. El mundo se detuvo, pero nosotros tomamos vuelo.”

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Look total, DOLCE&GABBANA.

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mariana zaragoza elle mexico mayo_2020
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